Power Pole Safety Inspections Sunshine Coast

power pole safety inspections

We are power pole safety inspection specialists servicing the Sunshine Coast and areas of regional Queensland.

Some Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland homes and properties have power poles within their property boundaries that connect their premises to the electricity network. These power poles are owned by you, the homeowner, as part of the property.  Some property owners don’t realise but it is their responsibility to regularly check and maintain these power poles. This is where we can help.

Did you know? Private property power pole safety inspections are recommended every 5 years.

A safety inspection of the power poles on your property is recommended every five years. Inspections must be undertaken by a licensed electrician who has experience in checking and authenticating power pole integrity – like Abbots Electrical.

powerpole inspections

What if my power pole is damaged?

Power poles can rot, rust or be damaged by termites.  Additionally, poles can lean or fall over potentially causing injury to people or damage to surrounding structures. A fallen electricity pole is not just an inconvenience due to loss of power but is potentially extremely dangerous.

Visual checks you can do

There are some visual checks you can do to determine whether any power poles on your property are damaged, as follows:

  • Are any power poles leaning excessively?
  • Is there evidence of rotting or corrosion at ground level or just below?
  • Are electrical fittings or wires pulling away from the pole or broken?
  • Are the cross arms splitting, loose or sagging?

If you suspect the pole is in poor condition, contact our team and we can arrange to come and check it.  If required, we can repair or replace it.


Below are important safety tips everyone must be aware of when near powerlines:

  • Regular inspection of the base of the pole is necessary to make sure there is no decay, sign of termites, rust or other damage.
  • If the powerpole has a crossarm (a structure attached near the top of the pole that supports the powerline), it should be in good condition. Only check from the ground, do not attempt to climb or scale a powerpole under any circumstances.
  • If you see a fallen powerline, stay well clear and call triple zero (000).
  • Trees growing into or near powerlines are dangerous. They can bring down power lines or interrupt your electricity supply. Generally, clearing trees away from privately owned powerlines is the responsibility of the property owner. Always contact a professional arborist or tree pruning specialist to carry out the work.

power pole inspections

Powerpoles on rental properties

Safety checks and the maintenance of powerpoles on rented properties are the responsibility of the landlord / property owner, not the tenant.

If you’re a tenant and you notice there is a problem with an electricity pole or power lines on the property, notify the property owner or managing agent immediately.  They can then contact us to organise a safety check and we can undertake any necessary repairs or replacement of the pole, if necessary.

If they do not assist you, contact your electricity supplier for advice.